Frequently Asked Questions

Influencer Marketing

How do we ensure that the micro-influencers claiming the offers are relevant to our brands?

Our influencers are qualified based on engagement rates and follower-base and allocated to specific categories: food, beauty, travel, lifestyle. fitness, etc. We handpick every influencer to ensure a good match.

Micro-influencers is a broad term - how many followers does your network have? What's the minimum amount of followers of your influencers?

We currently have more than 300 influencers (growing day by day) and the minimum number of followers is 5,000.

What are the engagement rates of influencers?

Generally the engagement rates depend on the number of followers and decrease with increasing follower numbers. Our influencers have the following engagement rates on average:

No of Followers

Engagement rate



Is there a minimum engagement an influencer must provide in return for the offer?

There isn't any minimum engagement, but we only allow influencers with an engagement rate of more than 1.5% on the platform.

Can brands decide which influencer can redeem the offer?

No. But the influencer is initially qualified based on the quality of the IG feed, engagement rates and local following and allocated to specific categories like food, beauty, fitness, etc. Like this we can make sure that only relevant influencers are promoting your brand.

Are you primarily targeting Instagram? Any other platforms?

Currently we focus only on Instagram.

How does it work

How does the influencer pay for the offer?

The influencer does not pay in “cash” for the offer. However, the influencer pays in a different currency, which is the reach and the publicity you will get from the post.

Can the brand accept or decline an influencer?

The offer will be redeemable without accepting or declining the influencer. The influencer will visit the outlet and scan a QR code (which is provided to you) to redeem the offer. The app will then “approve" the redemption and show the details of the offer on the app screen. For the benefit of the doubt, we allow each brand to ‘veto’ one post per month in case the content should not be satisfying. In this case the brand won’t be charged for this specific post.

Can the brand decide how many times an offer can be redeemed?

Brands can decide on the exact number of available redemptions.

What's the turnaround time for the influencer's post?

Based on the T&Cs, the influencer has to post within 48hrs after the redemption.

What happens if the influencer doesn’t post within 48hrs?

The influencer will be contacted by Zenfluence and reminded that they bound to the Terms & Conditions. In case the influencer refuses to make the post within a short time, the influencer will be removed from the platform.

How many posts per redemption do the influencers have to post?

1 post per redemption within 48 hours.

Do the influencers have to indicate that it’s a sponsored post?

In line with Instagram’s Terms & Conditions, the influencer is obliged to label the advertising as such. This is usually done by specifying the word "Advertisement" or “in partnership with” together with the respective post.

Can the influencers post negative posts about the experience and brand?

Based on our Terms & Conditions, the influencer is not allowed to make a negative post. In case of a bad experience while redeeming the offer, we give the influencer the opportunity to omit the post completely. However, the influencer will be required to provide the specific reason which will be shared with the brand for feedback. If a influencer post a negative post, they will get removed from the platform immediately.

What would you need from us in order to get started?

In order to get started, we prepared a simple Onboarding Form which needs to be filled out (brand and offer information) and then we will upload the information to our app.

It's very simple, just fill out our sign up form and we will send you the onboarding form.